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EPIC (also known as Epic Space Marine | Epic 40.000 | Epic Armageddon | Adeptus Titanicus | Epic 40k etc.) is a series of miniature wargames released by Games Workshop. This site is in no way officially related to Games Workshop who retains all copyrights. This is a fan made site created to retain historical lists of rules, models and miniatures affiliated with the many versions of Epic to make it easier for collectors, fans and players to get a grasp of what models are available.




Model name: Tau Manta
Company: Forgeworld / Games Workshop
Year released: Unknown
Force: Tau
Description: The Tau Manta for Epic 40k is the closest that Tau gets to a Titan in firepower. We include it in this section due to it's firepower and size.
Forgeworld text: A Tau Manta for Epic 40,000 features a drop down bay able to hold 4 Tau Tanks. Master Model by Will Hayes.
Source: Forgeworld.

Further details:

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