a Warhammer Fantasy Battle campaign




Grand Imperial Colonial Force
City: New Altdorf
Army list: The Empire
Player: ?
Special rules:
  • The Emperor is needed: No Karl Franz special character. He is busy fighting a Civil War at home and repelling an Orc invasion from the Badlands.
  • Rarity in the New World: 0-1 Steamtank pr. army. The steamtank is rare in The New World.
  • Influence of metal: If The Empire has Balthazar Gelt (special character) in one army on the table, they may reroll the movement roll of the Floating Golden Pyramid.

Marienburg Merchant Guild Expedition Army
City: Mydasia
Army list: The Empire
Player: ?
Special rules:
  • Consequence of secession: The largest city of men in the Old World is Marienburg. It is also the richest. Due to the lack of the latest war technologies, there are limitations to what they can field from The Empire’s arsenal. Also the temperature is below freezing in the relations between Marienburg and The Empire even though it is a 100 years since Marienburg bribed the useless emperor of the time to allow them to seceed. As a consequence the Arch Lectors and famous lords and heroes do not fight on the Marienburg side. Neither do the Reiksguards.
  • May not field:
    • Steamtank
    • Arch lector
    • War altar
    • Demi-griffon Knights
    • Special characters fra The Empire
    • Reiksguard Knights
    • Helstorm rocket battery
  • May field:
    • 0-1 Giants (count as rare, rules from Ogre Kingdoms).
    • Ogres (from Ogre Kingdoms army book). Max 2 units in total. Core: Ogres and/or Ironguts. Special 0-1 unit af Leadbelchers. Eller: 0-1 Maneaters (never more than 1 special choice). Hero: Golgfag.
    • Dwarfs:
      • Core: Warriors, Crossbowmen, Thunderers, 0-1 Miners, 0-1 Rangers) with the same restrictions.
      • Special: 0-1 Slayer Units.
      • Heroes: 0-2 Thane (Hero, counts as Hero %). 0-1 Slayer Units.
      • Never more than 2 dwarf units in total in a Marienburger Army.
    • 1 unit of Bretonnia knights (core) or footmen (core)
    • The Units listed above does not count as regular Dogs of War, as they are too well paid by Marienburg. Thus they are considered trusted allies and integrated part of the Marienburg Merchant Guild Expeditionary Army.

North Lustria Lizardmen Defense Force
City: Tlaxtlan
Army list: Lizardmen
Player: ?
Special rules:
  • The land is theirs: Starts the game with one extra army the first season.
  • Threat of the natives: The Lizardmen is a constant threat on the continent. They are very powerful as they have their homeland Lustria in their back. Two enemies can ally to fight and challenge a Lizardmen army in the same round. When they do, the fight is 500 points more than normal of both sides, but some of the Lizardmen forces are in reserve (use reserve rules from the meeting engagement scenario).
  • War on many fronts: The whole southern part of the Lustria continent is shrouded in a magical mist or storm of magic. It is said they are fighting a war against Skaven which is why they have not prevented the colonists from the Old World to take a place in their land. Due to this the Lizardmen may not take any special characters as they are engaged elsewhere.

Orcs & Goblins Waaagh of the Golden Landz
City: Stronghold of the Bloody Moon
Army list: Orcs & Goblins
Player: ?
Special rules:
  • Endless hordes from the mountains: May reroll when an army is lost (campaign roll).
  • Small but a plenty: Any pure goblin army with no orcs (giants, snotlings and trolls do not count, but no Orcs, Savage Orcs, Black Orcs etc.) can field up to 200 extra points above the 2400 pr. army.

Chaos Invasion Force of the Chosen
City: Pit of Doom
Army list: Warriors of Chaos
Player: ?
Special rules:
  • Power of Chaos: May field army choices from the Forgeworld book: Throne of Tamurkhan or a full army from the Thrones of Tamurkhan list.
  • Invasion from all sides: May have units from any God of Chaos with normal ally rules.
  • Should by shoulder: May field 0-1 full armies of Demons instead of Chaos Warriors

The Undead of the Vampire Coast
City: Necropolis of the Ancients
Army list: Vampire Counts
Player: ?
Special rules:
  • Unholy alliances: May field Tomb Kings core (but never more Tomb Kings core than Vampire Counts core pr. army)
  • Unholy alliances 2: Alternatively, may field an entire Tomb Kings force as one of their armies

Bretonnia & Border Prince Alliance
City: Fortress of the Holy Lady
Army list: Bretonnia.
Player: ?
Special Rules:
  • Brotherhood of man: May field up to half their core from Empire list.

The Neutrals
In the center of the New World map there are the undiscovered lands of many races. When fighting against neutrals the armies can be swapped against Bretonnia, Empire, Lizardmen, Orcs & Goblins, Vampire Counts. These represent armies of pirates, rebels, insurgents, lost tribes of greenskins or men, Border Princes in exile or anything you want.

General Army composition rules:

  • Proxy is good, even recommended!
  • Each campaign army is 2400 points
  • No unit can be of more than 40 soldiers (including full command, excluding detachments and excluding heroes)
  • Pure Tomb Kings armies may field an extra +200 points
  • No Fozzrik's Folding Fortress magic item
  • 0-1 Monster (if allowed) from Monstrous Arcanum (Forgeworld)


Rules for hiring Dogs of War
  • Rather gold than blood: At the end of a turn where a Dogs of War regiment lost 25% of their original strength or where a single Dogs of War character not in a unit loses 1 wound or more, please make a Loyalty roll. Roll 1d6 and consult the table below. Note that units that includes characters roll together.
    • If the result is:
      • 1 - Character or unit flees (incl. any character in the unit). They can not be rallied and are instantly removed from the table. Can cause panic test as if a unit was destroyed within 6”.
      • 4-5 - they will fight as normal for the rest of the battle. No further tests are needed.
      • 6 - the unit gets infuriated and will fight their next combat phase (whenever that may be) with hatred against their enemies. Please note hatred only last the first round of close combat.
  • Unique models: No campaign player may take the same Dogs of War regiment more than once in all his armies. So a player with three armies can only have one Marco Colombo or 1 Tuichi Huichi Raiders unit. If two player both have the same Dogs of War character then they are just considered to a similar hero with a different name.
  • We don’t mix with rascals: Dogs of War units can not be joined by characters from the main army that hires them. They can still benefit from a General’s leadership or a Battle Standard Bearer. Dogs of War Lords and Heroes can join units from the army that hires them as normal.
  • Freedom of nobility: Unless stated otherwise Dogs of War heroes and lords can still use any remaining points on equipment, magic items if the mother list allows it.

Characters for hire


Borgio the Besieger - Merchant Prince of Miragliano
  • Grandmaster (Empire) basic stats, rules and cost.
  • Beloved general. Any dogs of War units may use his leadership for tests if within 12” (for example of the main general is dead or too far away or has a lower leadership).
  • Difficult to slay. Count as having regeneration
  • Can be hired by: Any but Chaos, Lizardmen

Marco Colombo
  • General of the empire stats and base cost (Empire list).
  • He can buy ordinary weapons, armour and horse just as an empire general (no flying monster)
  • He always have these 100 points worth of magic items (which he must pay for):
    • Navigator’s telescope. Roll a d6 after deployment for each enemy unit. On a 4+ each unit must reveal if they have hidden units like goblin fanatics or skaven / dark elf assassins.
    • Gem of Lustria. 4+ ward save
    • Gourd of Lustrian Wine. Can drink 1 once pr. battle in beginning of a close combat phase. Gives +D3 Str.
    • Scroll of Araby. One use only. Gives Marco and any unit he is in a 2+ ward save for the effects of 1 spell. Use after any dispel attempt fails (or if you choose not to dispel the spell).
    • Dagger of Araby. Attacks are poisoned
  • Can be hired by: Any but Chaos, Lizardmen


Leonardo da Miragliano
  • Master engineer stats, rules and base cost (Empire list), can be the same equipment as an Master Engineer but no magic items. He cost +75 points extra and get the following items and abilities instead.
    • Artillery accuracy. Nominate one artillery piece after deployment of everyone on both sides. This piece can reroll either scatter or artillery dice once pr. turn.
    • Sphere of Alchemy. Can throw an orb in the shooting phase just like a shooting attack. Range is 8”, use small artillery template, each model hit gets str 3, -2 armour save. No modifiers for long range, shooting and moving.
    • Prism of Power. Once pr. battle he may remove 1d3 power dice from the opponents magic pool.
    • The will to live. 6+ ward save
  • Can be hired by: Any but Chaos, Lizardmen

Maximilian (Marksmen of Miragliano)
  • Captain of the Empire stats and base cost and rules (Hold the Line for example). +5 points. Can also buy 50 points worth of magic items.
  • Must be equipped with a crossbow
  • +1 BS.
  • Can be hired by: Any but Chaos, Lizardmen

Tuichi Huichi
  • Can be hired by: Any but Chaos

  • Follow the rules for an Empire captain.
  • Can be hired by: Any but Chaos, Lizardmen

  • Follow the rules from the Ogre Kingdom book
  • Can be hired by: Any but Lizardmen
Luthark the Grim
  • Follow the rules from the Vampire Counts rulebook
  • Level 2 necromancer on foot only. Can buy normal equipment and magic items. He cost 20 points more than normal
  • Spell lore is always shadow
  • Can be hired by: Any but Bretonnia, Lizardmen, Elves (Wood, High)


0-1 Ogre units from Ogre Kingdoms Core
  • Can be hired by: Any but Lizardmen

Marksmen of Miragliano
  • Crossbow men from empire, +1 BS, +1 point.
  • Can buy full command if they pay the cost
  • Can not buy (or be) a detachment
  • Can be hired by: Any but Chaos

Tuichi Huichi’s Raiders
  • Can be hired by: Any but Chaos

Native zombies from the Vampire Coast
  • Bought as a regular core regiment from the Vampire Counts list a cost of +1 points
  • Aquatic
  • Poisoned attacks
  • No more than 0-30 models even when more is raised.
  • Can be hired by: Any but Bretonnia, Elves (High, Wood)

Pirazzo’s Lost Legion
  • Taken as spearmen from the Empire army list, same stats, but +3 points
  • +1 Str
  • Can fight one more ranks than normal spearmen. Can’t use the extra ranks when charging.
  • First rank had crossbows (fight in close with hand weapons). If unit is reformed it is always assumed that first rank has changed to crossbows and those behind has picked up a pike.
  • Always strike first when charged (one round of combat only)
  • Can be hired by: Any but Chaos and Lizardmen

0-1 Giant
  • Rules from Monstrous Arcanum. X points
  • Can be hired by: Any but Lizardmen, Elves (all)

0-1 Bonegrinder Giant
  • Rules from Monstrous Arcanum. X points
  • Can be hired by: Any but Lizardmen, Elves (all), Bretonnia

0-1 Mercenary cannon
  • Cost and stats and rules as empire cannon
  • Only has range of a standard cannon (48”)
  • Can be hired by: Any but Chaos, Vampire Counts, Lizardmen, Elves (High, Wood)




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