a Warhammer Fantasy Battle campaign



Background and story

If ever there was a ripe time to leave the battleridden continent of the Old World and settle in the New World now is the time. The whole southern part of Lustria is shrouded in a magical mist and in many places a storm of magic is raging as well. And rumours have it that the Lizardmen are once again being infested by a Skaven incursion in their lands and that the magical mists have been created by themselves to take care of their little domestic problem.

One man’s loss is another man’s gain. The hard times for the Lizardmen opens up for yet another conquest in the New World, which has been dimmed down since the Tilean hero, explorer and general Marco Colombo first found the new continent based on old Norse maps he got fra hardened sailor in Marienburg. And while the Tileans are still present in small enclaves in the new world it is The Empire, Marienburg, The Vampire Counts (and Tomb Kings), Chaos and Brettonia who has gotten a foothold in the northern part of the continent with small colonies and occupation forces. And that doesn’t even mention the greenskin hordes of Orcs & Goblins who have managed to get a stronghold in the mountainous middle of the New World.

At the mean time the Lizardmen are putting up a defense force in the northern part of Lustria to prevent the invaders to invade further down into their sacred lands. The aims of the invaders are simply gold, ressources to continue their fights in the Old World, the love of conquest and any such reasoning to be expected by those who live in the harsh realities of the war torn world.

But there is also another motivator that drives the armies ravaging across the continent of the New World. The infamous Floating Golden Pyramid, an old Slann relic from the time before man was created has been set loose. Normally the Floating Golden Pyramid was floating deep in the jungle of Lustria, but something has set it loose and it is now floating across the continent. And there are those who speak the name of Balthazar Gelt. It is whispered that the supreme patriarch of the College of Gold Magic tried to steal the whole pyramid for himself (and the Emperor of course), but that something went horribly wrong. Wherever it will settle down, whoever who will control it in the end will hold an enormous power over the New World.



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